Why simple principles can give you big results

Simple principles can give you big results.
When I met up with one of my past coaching clients, Greg Gurev, I was reminded of this idea. Greg is the Founder and CEO of MySherpa an IT service provider in the Philadelphia area. I was able to reconnect with him while I was in town for a speaking event, and he was happy to share that he still uses the majority of the principles I taught him for being a productive leader.
His favorite tip is one of the easier principles I teach in my course, Time Management Fundamentals, on LinkedIn Learning. The principle is the use of what I call “gathering points.” A gathering point is anywhere that collects actionable items, such as your email inbox, an inbox on your desk, or even a random “junk” drawer in your office. The more gather points you accumulate, the more chaotic your time management becomes as a result. I recommend having six or less gathering points for optimal performance. Mastering just this one principle will give you big results in productivity and time management.
What’s your favorite tip for being a productive leader? I’d love to hear it!

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