How a lack of accountability kept me from my result

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I felt like a hypocrite.

The result I wanted was to improve my physical health…but I wasn’t using my own formula get it. The formula I teach is the SAM cycle: “Systems + Accountability + Motivation = Your Result.”

Motivation was there: I had a desire to be healthier for my family, myself and my clients. A lack of drive wasn’t the problem.

Systems weren’t an issue: I could easily find health plans with a quick Google search.

Yet, I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own. The big “A” — Accountability to another person—wasn’t a part of my plan, which is why I kept failing.

What I needed was an accountability partner knowledgeable in reaching my desired result.

Marysa Cardwell, of All of Nutrition, became my coach, and I’m grateful for finding her. She’s helped me develop a system that fits my needs and held me to it. I haven’t felt better in years!

Have you ever used a coach to reach a goal? Please share your story in the comments below. You can learn more about Marysa’s services at

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