The Culture of When vs. the Culture of Now

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Many people who work in high-growth businesses have a desire to be constantly accessible. They feel if they are always available, it shows others they are working hard and putting the customer first.
However, this attitude creates a dilemma. When you’re always available, how can you truly get any work done?

In this video I discuss this addiction to what I call the Culture of Now. I also provide three actionable tips anyone in your business can take to move to a much more productive (and healthy!) Culture of When.

Action Steps:

  1. Watch this video and ask yourself: Am I practicing the Culture of When, or am I addicted to the Culture of Now?
  2. The next time you delegate a task to someone else, give a WHEN.
  3. The next time you are asked to do something, ask for a WHEN.
  4. Commit to the set time and place for checking email and voicemail messages.
  5. Share your perspective or ask questions on this page.

Principles to Learn:

  1. A Culture of Now expects immediate responses to situations as they occur.
  2. A Culture of When expects to accomplish everything in a timely manner.
  3. The problem with the Culture of Now is that sooner rather than later, it contradicts itself. You cannot do all things at the same time.
  4. When you attempt to “do it all now,” you end up doing everything poorly, or even not at all.
  5. Three tips to evolve from the Culture of Now to the Culture of When:
    • Give a WHEN
    • Ask for a WHEN
    • Commit to a WHEN
  6. By giving others a when, it gives them the opportunity to schedule the task you’ve assigned on their calendar.
  7. By asking others for a when, you get clear expectations so you can schedule the task given on your calendar.
  8. By checking messages on a schedule you committed to, you reduce the number of interruptions in your day.

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