4 Simple Steps to Managing Email

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The dreaded inbox. You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it. It’s the first thing small business owners check in the morning, and the last thing they check at night. Chaos Inc. loves to keep you buried in your inbox.

Ever get the feeling that email management—or lack thereof—is beginning to consume you? Well, if it’s broke: fix it!

If you’re tired of lying in bed every morning, scrolling through emails with one eye open, then this video is for you. Take a look at my four steps to managing email to regain control of that inbox!

Now it’s time for action:

For starters, schedule a time to process everything. Having a specific time to go through your stuff keeps everything from hanging in limbo.

Speaking of limbo—getting overly-focused on folders is another form of analysis-paralysis…and a perfect recipe for chaos. Keep it simple and stick to one big archive folder.

For those emails that are just a distraction, apply a filter and get them out of the way until you need them. Make your email work for you—not vice versa!

What’s YOUR process for making sure emails don’t take control of your day? Share below in the comment box to give your fellow entrepreneurs some fresh insight!

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