How to avoid a common mistake made during a Zoom meeting

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“Hey, Josh, we can’t hear you…check your mic. Heather, you froze up.” Sound familiar? If you’re one of the millions that have attended a Zoom meeting this year, you’re probably rolling your eyes and groaning in shared misery right now. Zoom meetings are awkward enough without all the technical difficulties, late arrivals, and disorganized chaos.

That’s why I asked the Jedi Master of Garrick Chow, to share his wisdom on how to avoid this painful struggle. Garrick has over SEVENTY-FIVE courses on LinkedIn Learning!

His sage advice: do a technical check and make sure your microphone and video equipment are working properly and effectively BEFORE the meeting. This simple tip will save you hours of time in the long run, which you know is my favorite thing to do!

What advice would you share to help improve a Zoom meeting?

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