Productivity Tip: Your body will tell you when you’re out of balance

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How are you feeling? Everything okay? Your body may be giving you the message that you need to slow down a bit.

Physical hints that you’re operating under too much stress may include:

• Feeling tired throughout the day
• Frequent headaches or body aches for no apparent reason
• Noticeable changes in your appetite
• Inability to maintain focus
• Panic attacks
• Stomach or digestive problems

If this sounds familiar, stop ignoring the signs! Get a check-up with your doctor. And if the symptoms are stress-related: slow down. Listen to your body before things get worse.

Take some time to rest and unwind so your body doesn’t force you to do it. Ask yourself, “What changes can I make to get my life back in balance?”

Then pull out your calendar and schedule time for a brief, daily oasis to recharge and refresh yourself. You’ll be thankful you did.



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