How a weakness can turn into a strength

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“Nobody’s perfect.” We hear this saying all the time. But is it the best way of looking at things? The real truth? We are perfectly imperfect people. We ALL struggle with obstacles, difficulties that we view as a weakness. Even the greatest minds in history, like Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci, fought major battles.

Our perceived flaws are not the problem. It’s how we handle them that can make or break our success. Weaknesses promote growth, force us to focus on what is most important, and can even turn into a unique strength! With this idea in mind, I created a new course with the goal to teach others exactly how to turn a negative into a positive.

This new course, Turning Weaknesses into Strengths, officially released last week on LinkedIn Learning! Check it out. And if you have a story of how you’ve turned a weakness into a strength, I’d love to hear it!


Dave’s course, Turning Weaknesses into Strengths, can be found on LinkedIn Learning at