Why a buffer day helps you enjoy stress-free vacations

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Are vacations more stressful than relaxing for you?

You’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s a better way. Enjoy your vacation by following this simple system:

1. Commit to your vacation well in advance.

2. Schedule buffer days before and after your vacation.

3. Use the buffer time to process your gathering points (as discussed in my LinkedIn Learning course, Time Management Fundamentals.)

4. Bring a portable gathering point with you on vacation, such as a notebook, to jot down any thoughts.

Vacations are essential for your mental health and productivity. This system allows you to prepare yourself for a stress-free break from start to finish!

By giving yourself extra time to stay on top of your messages, you’ll leave knowing everything is handled. You’ll also return with plenty of time to get caught back up. And the notebook will keep you in the moment by helping you clear your mind immediately.

Are you ready for your next vacation?


This time of year is very popular for vacations, so now would be a wonderful time to put this system into place. Another great idea is finding your productivity rhythm, so you get MORE done in LESS time. Check out Dave’s course, Productivity Tips: Finding Your Rhythm, at davecrenshaw.com/rhythm on LinkedIn Learning.

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