Why you need to be aware of your unconscious bias

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“Frat guys want to party more than they want to work.” We’re often unaware when we make a biased decision. So, how do you stop something you’re doing subconsciously? I reached out to a fellow LinkedIn Learning instructor, Stacey A. Gordon, to discuss this issue. Stacey’s course, Unconscious Bias, offers several solutions on how to avoid making these errors.

Confirmation bias is the most common form, which is when we seek out others with a similar mindset on life. It’s also when we quickly categorize people based on stereotypes. For example, assuming that an employee that belongs to a fraternity won’t take their job seriously. Due to this confirmation bias, you make snap judgments without considering the entire picture.

Stacey suggests asking yourself, “What story have I constructed in my mind?” and “Do the facts really add up?” She also encourages you to ask for outside input, someone who can play the “devil’s advocate” to poke holes in the story you’ve created in your mind. This will help expose any unconsciously biased expectations and help you make a better decision.

How do you fight an unconscious bias from influencing your decisions negatively?

You’ll love Stacey’s course, which is currently part of a free learning path on LinkedIn Learning. You can find it here: DaveCrenshaw.com/inclusion. Thanks again, Stacey for joining me for this video tip.

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