How to get more done in less time by prioritizing tasks effectively

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Want to get MORE done in LESS time? Great news! There’s an easy way to be more productive. Start prioritizing your tasks based on VALUE rather than importance. By using Time Value Prioritization, you’ll know how best to spend your time at work.

When considering a task’s priority, ask yourself which of these categories it falls in:

1. Not me, never again.

2. Perhaps, but not now.

3. Yes, but not now.

4. Yes, but not by a person.

5. Yes, but not me.

6. Yes, me.

Knowing which category a task belongs in will show you which tasks are most valuable to you—and which ones to avoid.

Hint: #6 is where your Most Valuable Activities (MVAs) will live.

This system will increase your value AND your freedom!


If you’re ready to spend your time wisely and enjoy more free time, check out my LinkedIn Learning course, Prioritizing Your Tasks, here:

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