Productivity Tip: Create a technology-free sanctuary

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As a self-proclaimed geek, I love new technology. But is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Yes…

There must be a healthy balance of technology in your day. Otherwise, the gadgets become a focus-annihilating vortex of distracting sounds, sights, and rabbit holes.


I know that sounds dramatic—and it is a little—yet it’s also the truth. So what’s the solution?

Obviously, cutting out all technology isn’t realistic. But you can create a haven from technology. It’s a space and/or time that you step into and say: no tech here!

The dinner table is one of my family’s technology-free sanctuary. No glowing screens allowed. This helps us all focus on each other and on building our relationships with each other.

Do you have a technology-free sanctuary at your home or office?