Being humble means being teachable

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Are you stunting your own growth? Sometimes great success creates a bigger problem: A lack of humility.

The “I can do no wrong” mindset prevents continual growth and success. It also damages relationships. You become unteachable and impossible to be around! Work to cultivate a healthy awareness of your limitations. Consider them an opportunity for improvement!

Schedule time to review mistakes and things you’d like to do better—just a few minutes a week is enough. Then, ask yourself this question: “What’s one action I can take to improve upon this weakness?”

If you come up with an answer, schedule time to work on it. If not, that’s okay, too.  Simply being open to change holds immense power.


Weaknesses are part of being human. The good news is, our mistakes can become strengths with the right actions. If you’re ready to embrace some humility and grow, take my course, Turning Weaknesses into Strengths, on LinkedIn Learning. You can find it at

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