Why you should stop switchtasking and focus on one active task at a time

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Multitasking is a lie. Even the word is misleading and confusing, which is why I separated it into two words: Switchtasking and Background Tasking

I discussed this highly controversial topic on a recent Lucid Chart webinar with Gabe Villamizar recently. Here’s one of the ten tips I shared in his webinar:

Switchtasking is extremely ineffective and comes at a very high cost. You’re giving up valuable time, producing lower quality work, AND increasing your stress levels.

For example, say you’re watching this video and trying to type an email out at the same time—not that you would do that, right? It will take forever to get either done. Typos to correct. Replaying the video because you missed it the first time. Focus on ONE task at a time, and you’ll get MORE done FASTER.

Are you committed to ending the myth that switchtasking is productive?

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