How to instill strong values throughout your team

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“We’re a gated community that lives our by values.”

Strong values are the backbone to a successful business. My colleague and friend, Meny Hoffman, has shown incredible success with instilling his throughout his company and team.

Meny, the CEO of Ptex Group, Inc, is here with me today to share how he uses values to create a tight-knit team that is loyal to the company.

His critical ingredients for success are as follows:

  • Start by introducing your values from the very beginning—the very first interview before even hiring a candidate.
  • Display reminders of the values throughout the office and in company materials.
  • Consistently use the verbiage from the values in daily interactions.

In summary, repetition is the key to ensuring your values are firmly planted within your team and business. Repetition is one of the most effective training tools you can use.

How do YOU live your values in your career? I’d love to hear!

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