How storytelling is key to successful recruitment

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“Why is it so hard to find the right candidate for the job?” Well, have you tried storytelling yet?

I’m here in downtown Seattle visiting the beautiful offices of my great friend, Paul Freed. He is one of the partners of a well known recruiting company called Herd Freed Hartz. They work with some big companies like Zillow, Starbucks, and other household names, so he is an expert in the art of recruiting.

Today he’s kind enough to share a valuable tip with you! Paul shares that the majority of clients create a “boring pitch” in the job description, which tends to make the best candidates tuck tail and run.

Instead, Paul encourages you to use storytelling to inspire potential employees. Your goal is to make them WANT to work for you. Swap the standard bullet point of mundane tasks for an exciting story of heroes and villains. The hero being the employee and the villain being the problem your company solves for your customers. Turn your job description into a thrilling adventure through the art of storytelling and you’ll have the top talented candidates begging for the role.

What problem do YOU solve as the hero at work?

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