Why volunteering and competing in your industry will help you stand out

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“What can I do to stand out and grow my career?” It’s a common question I heard when I coached clients.

While in Europe for speaking events, I had the privilege of meeting many talented people. One of these individuals was Claire Behar, who lives in Paris, France. Please excuse my stumbled approach at her introduction. You cannot tell I took four years of French in high school!

Claire is doing exceptionally well in her career and as an entrepreneur! She is the Director of Data Science for Excelya and the creator of the app Tulsy. Claire is an advocate for helping women succeed in the technology industry. She’d like to share a few career growth tips with you, which can be applied to any industry.

First, she recommends competing for recognition in your industry. Claire won a hackathon, which is a big deal in the technology field. Second, she highly recommends volunteering your time to nonprofits. You’re giving back to your community while growing your skillset!

What advice would you share with someone looking to grow their career? I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

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