Why a small action every day leads to lasting change

Goals are overrated. Lasting change is driven by a commitment to ACTION. I’m not saying goals don’t matter…they do. A big goal can give you some initial motivation and put you on the right path. The key to a big change is in the many, small victories achieved by taking action. I cover this concept in my new LinkedIn Learning course, Making Change Last.

Here’s a quick starting point anyone can use:

• Choose one specific change you want to make. For example, I might choose to become a better listener.

• Decide what you will DO each week to make that change happen. In this example, I might take a course on LinkedIn Learning or read a book about listening.

• Schedule a brief, recurring appointment in your calendar to work on that change. Perhaps every Friday from 1:00-1:25 pm.
Follow through and do it.

• Enjoy your small successes! The feeling of accomplishment you’ll get will keep you on the path.

Want to make your dreams a reality? Focus on little, consistent actions.

So…what’s one small action you’ll take today to move toward your big goal?

Making change long lasting from Making Change Last by Dave Crenshaw

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