Stop Setting Goals, Start Making Plans

Think 2018 is the year that you make your dreams come alive? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

Were you one of the thousands of people that signed up for a gym membership this week? Don’t be discouraged by the lack of room in the free weights area, a 20-minute line for a treadmill, or a Gatorade shortage. The gym will clear out in a month. Unfortunately, you might not come back either.

It’s a new year and with a new year comes a new batch of New Year’s resolutions. It’s always a matter of time before they meet an untimely death right around February 17th. It’s so easy to promise yourself or others a “new year, new you.” Too easy. So easy that we get so caught up in setting goals and visualizing our achievements that they end up going nowhere. For many, dreaming becomes a substitute for doing.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t set goals for yourself. I constantly ask my clients what they want their lives and businesses to look like five years in the future. Motivation is important, but it’s not enough. The question people fail to ask themselves is, “what’s the next step?” Instead of sitting on your hands dreaming of a promotion, increased sales, or a 30-pound weight loss, plan in terms of Systems, Accountability, and Motivation. That means sticking to a schedule and getting someone else to keep you honest.

Don’t set a goal; make a plan. Setting goals is easy and easily abandoned. Getting results is about planning to work and working the plan.

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