Why asking the right questions can make a big difference

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Are you asking the right questions? You can probably relate to the frustration of attending meetings that never seem to go anywhere. You may even notice a pattern of doing the same things over and over while making little to no progress.

This can be exhausting and overwhelming. There HAS to be a better way, right?

Over the years working with leaders and corporations struggling with this same dilemma, I’ve uncovered something that will change everything:

Learn to ask productive questions.

What’s a productive question? It helps you focus on thoughts and actions that are most valuable. You’ll be able to narrow down which actions will have the greatest impact on your desired result.

In my newest course on LinkedIn Learning, How to Ask Productive Questions, I break down the process and principles behind asking productive questions.

So, I’ll ask again. Are you asking the RIGHT questions? If not, are you ready to learn how?

Dave’s course, How to Ask Productive Questions, can be found on LinkedIn Learning at davecrenshaw.com/questions.