Your team will reflect the example you set as their leader

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A team is a reflection of its leader. Don’t like what you see others doing? Odds are, you’re doing it yourself.

I call this the “leader’s mirror,” and I see it all the time in my coaching. Those you lead will mirror your behavior.

I once coached a leader who ranted about how late his team was all the time. Then I asked him how often he showed up on time for meetings.

Long pause.

“Not very often,” he replied.

On the positive side, when I see leaders who are productive and organized, their team follows that example. They may not be perfect at it, but they make progress every week.

As a leader, it’s your role to set a positive example…even if it’s imperfect. When you want your team to do better, start with yourself first and foremost.

Let the mirror be your guide, and you’ll build a productive team around you.

Take a look at your team and make that change.


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