How to find humor and save time with a productive mindset.

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I sold women’s shapewear on TV in Iran.

You read that sentence right.

A while back, Obaid Samadian, a learner from my LinkedIn Learning courses, reached out when he saw a commercial on his local TV station. An Iranian “Spanx” company used ME as a spokesperson in their commercial for body shaping undergarments. They lifted a recording of me from a LinkedIn Learning course video…obviously without permission. You can see the result in the posted video.

When something like this happens, what is the most productive thing to do?

First, ask, “Is this an incident or a pattern?” One key to a productive mindset is not wasting precious energy on isolated incidents. Some problems are simply not worth solving. Learn to spot a sneaky time thief and—in Elsa’s wise words—let it GO.

Second ask, “What’s funny about this?” Instead of getting upset, I shared it with everyone and laughed for days. Heck, now YOU can get a laugh out of it! I mean, who knew I was fluent in Farsi? 🤣

Don’t waste time chasing incidents. Make a choice to focus on your Most Valuable Activities (MVAs). They’re worth far more in the long run!

Have you ever had a sneaky time thief try to distract you from your MVAs?


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