Why a productive leader is more effective than a micromanager

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As a leader, do you focus most of your time on growing future leaders…or micromanaging your team? A productive leader understands that one of their most valuable activities is developing the people they lead. When you spend time training and developing your team, you empower them to manage themselves.

Micromanagers waste time running from one chaotic problem to the next. They try to do other people’s jobs for them. They’re focused on making people do things the right way rather than getting the right result.

When you empower others, you’re able to focus on your other most valuable activity and improve your work-life rhythm. You become less stressed and more focused. You develop a foundation of trust, which boosts your team’s overall productivity.

As a result, you cultivate a reputation as a great leader, able to grow future leaders, and substantially increase your value per hour.

What’s one thing you’ll do to micromanage a little bit less today?


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