How three processing questions can save you hours of time

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What? When? Where?

“I [was] always having piles of unfinished work thinking I was going to do it later…finally I started to find the home for everything. Processing is key. Dave Crenshaw has this calm and clear way to explain that is even relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you so much for this eye-opener.”

This is feedback from a student that took my course, “Time Management Fundamentals.” He found processing to be a game-changer. It helps you gain control over your time and become more organized! The best part is how simple it is to do.

What is processing? It’s answering these three questions with each item in your approved gathering point:

1. What is the next step?

2. When will it be done?

3. Where is its home?

By walking through each question, you’ll be able to schedule the action required in your calendar and file it away for future reference. No more piles of unfinished work taunting you from every corner of your office! You’ll be more relaxed and get more done in less time as a result.

Dave’s courses are on LinkedIn Learning and offer guidance on improving your time management, productivity, focus, and more!

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