How to apply three principles to improve your focus

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Your ability to focus comes down to three principles: Space, mind, and time. My course, Time Management Fundamentals, is a top ten course for LinkedIn Learning Instructors, and it’s FREE through Oct 15th.

In it, I encourage learners to consider these questions:

1. How efficient is your physical workspace?

Most people have too many gathering points. Is your desk hidden under piles of papers, stacks of files, a long to-do list? Clutter is a recipe for switchtasking all day long.

2. Do you practice clearing your mind consistently?

If you constantly interrupt yourself with mental reminders and thoughts, you’ll struggle to stay focused. Your mind shouldn’t be a gathering point. Try a notebook instead!

3. Are you using your available work hours wisely?

If you spend most of your time on lower-value activities, you’ll stay busy without getting anything done. Schedule your day around your most valuable activities.

By improving your workspace, clearing your mind, and focusing your time, you’ll find greater career success.

You’ll get more done in less time—leading to more FREE time to do things you enjoy.

Which area do you want to improve upon next? Space, mind, or time?


Productivity and focus go hand-in-hand. A solid time management system is the foundation for both. If you need help refining or creating your system, you may find my course, Time Management Fundamentals, very helpful. It’s made the Top 20 Courses on LinkedIn Learning year after year—including the Top 10 this year. You can take it free now until October 15th.