Why Businesses Need to Have More Fun


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Having Fun has the power to energize any workforce. When companies make having fun a priority, they benefit from increased employee engagement, productivity, loyalty, and creativity. Companies perceived as fun not only succeed, they attract and keep top talent.

So how do you go about making your workplace more fun? It begins with creating pockets of free time on a consistent basis. This means that, no matter what is happening at work, you facilitate a culture that allows people to take a fun break of their choosing.

The biggest mistake leaders make when it comes to having workplace fun, is thinking that everyone else will like to do what THEY like to do. For instance, the CEO may decide to hold a company bowling day…which is great—for the 40% of people in their company who love bowling.

No, instead, create opportunities for unstructured fun. For example. LinkedIn has one day each month for employees to recharge their batteries. While these “InDays” have a monthly theme, there’s a ton of latitude for employees to select activities for themselves.

Kiva.org has “adult recess”—a thirty-minute daily Work Oasis to snack, listen to music, or engage in any kind of unstructured playtime. The Power of Having Fun works best when people are given the freedom to choose.

Even if your company doesn’t have practices like these, establish consistent breaks in your day. This will help you have more energy and ability to return to work after your fun break—refreshed and better able to perform.

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