How To Climb Both The Corporate Ladder AND The Family Tree


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The Family Oasis is about spending meaningful, fun time with the people you love most—and who love you most. This includes close friends and extended relatives. Your spouse, children, boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad, your best friend, and even your pet Fluffy can all fit into the category.

They also need the power that comes from dedicated, focused time spent with their favorite person in the world: you! Well, even if you drive them a little crazy, they need you, and they want to spend time with you.

Setting up a “Family Oasis” begins with one question: “what would you like us to do together?”

I asked my daughter, Ella, that question once. She wanted a tea party with her Dad. Now, crouching down on my knees and sipping invisible tea surrounded by My Little Pony characters isn’t exactly my thing. But, because it was meaningful to her, I made it meaningful to me…and made it a priority. After all, friendship is magic.

In the Power of Having Fun, I cite research that shows when family members spend consistent time together, they are more likely to improve performance at work. If you want to boost your career…make spending time with loved ones a priority.

Not only will it help you both be more productive at work or school but it will build a stronger relationship. It will reward those you love for being your greatest champions.

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