The Strategic Thinker, Dorie Clark

Discover how Dorie Clark took the world by storm as a strategic thinker by the young age of 14 and later became a world-renowned keynote speaker, consultant, and bestselling author. In this episode, you’ll learn how to get your ideas shared publicly, why making genuine connections is essential, and how to open yourself up to new ideas. She outlines what actions she took to expose herself to new opportunities continuously. She offers specific advice on how to make more genuine connections in life. Dorie also shares her plan of action to help you publicly share your ideas and solidify your reputation as an expert in your field. Learn why you need to think strategically and how to play the long game to live a more balanced, successful life. 


Action Principles 

Pick one to do this week: 

  1. Expose yourself to new, challenging ideas. This will expand your knowledge and possibly lead to new opportunities. ACTION: Read a book on a new, unfamiliar topic.
  2. Make genuine connections with others. Increase your desire to connect genuinely with others and grow your network. ACTION: Pick someone you’d like to know more about and ask them specific questions, like what they enjoy doing for fun, to learn more about them. 
  3. Share your ideas publicly. This gives others something transmissible to share about you and will strengthen your reputation as an expert on the topic. ACTION: Choose your idea and share it publicly, either in an audio, video, or text format. 
  4. Host an event. Instead of waiting to be invited to an event, BE the host. ACTION: Invite others to join you for an activity.


Guest Resources

You can learn more about Dorie’s newest book, The Long Game, you can find it at She has several wonderful courses on LinkedIn Learning, as well. You can also follow Dorie on LinkedIn



Strategic Thinking 

Time Management Fundamentals 


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