The Charitable Mobility VP, David Bezzant – VP of Public Sector T-Mobile

Discover how David Bezzant went from selling mobile phones at a booth in Walmart to becoming the National Vice President for T-Mobile. His talent for building others up and his entrepreneurial upbringing created a strong foundation for success that continues to serve him today. In this episode, you’ll learn how David developed his people skills to create a highly successful career helping millions of people around the world stay connected. Listen to his story and choose which action will help you reach success, too.


Action Principles 


Pick one to do this week:


  1. Mentor someone. If you see someone struggling, stand up and help them. If you can, offer to mentor them. ACTION: Pick a person that could use your help and offer to mentor them.
  2. Build people up. Appreciate the value in others and share your gratitude with them. Don’t name drop; name build. ACTION: Give someone a compliment on something they’ve done well recently.
  3. Research the truth. Spend time researching and studying your industry, career and company. No matter the situation, always seek out the truth. ACTION: Ask yourself: “Is there something I’m just guessing or assuming about my career?” If so, spend some time researching to find out the truth.
  4. Know your competition. Understand what they do well and learn from them. ACTION: Evaluate a competitor honestly and pick one thing you can use from it to do better yourself.


Guest Resources


You can follow David Bezzant on LinkedIn.


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