The Automotive Executive, Sam D’Arc

Learn how Sam D’Arc went from washing cars as a teenager to becoming COO of one of the largest auto dealer groups in the United States using his natural entrepreneurial skills. His passion for taking risks has paid off with a highly successful career. In this episode, you’ll discover how Sam recognized valuable opportunities throughout his life. He shares his unique perspective on failure and why it’s helped him overcome many obstacles in life. Listen to Sam’s story of perseverance and choose which action below fits your vision best.

Action Principles

Pick one to do this week:

  1. Just ask. When you see an opportunity, don’t be afraid to ask for it. The worst they can say is “no.” ACTION: Ask for the opportunity to do something that will take you closer to your goal.
  2. Help others make a decision. Selling is helping. You’re helping someone make a decision because you care about them. ACTION: Ask yourself how you can help someone rather than focusing on what you can get from them.
  3. Turn adversity into growth. Remember that a failure is actually an opportunity for growth if you learn from it. ACTION: Focus on what you’ve learned when something doesn’t work out.
  4. Know your vision. A vision guides you in the right direction. ACTION: Create a vision for your life.

Guest Resources

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