Passive Income and Expenses – The Crenshaw Family

Join my family as we discuss the success principle of passive income and expenses. Together, my kids and I define how our attention connects to income and expenses. We discuss why understanding both concepts is an important aspect of balanced success.

We discuss the myth of passive income and how low-attention income is the true goal. And then, we share various ideas to create low-attention income, as well as different kinds of passive expenses to look out for in the future.

Action Principle

  • Find a low-attention income source. Low attention income can help supplement your primary source of income and help you find a healthy work-life balance. ACTION: Schedule time to think about low-attention income sources that might work for you.
  • Minimize passive expenses. Passive expenses will slowly eat away at your budget with little to no return. ACTION: Schedule time to review your passive expenses and determine which ones no longer fit your needs.

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