Productivity Tip: Your calendar is your best tool for time management

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I often get asked, “What’s the best app for time management?” Hint: You already have it on your phone. The best app is your calendar.

When you use the calendar properly, you will have the foundation in place for the cost effective time management system available.

The problem is, most people don’t use it fully…or correctly.

Use your calendar to:

• Budget how much time you’ll spend on priorities
• Quickly view your availability with accuracy and ease
• Schedule tasks to ensure timely completion
• Insert buffer time to reduce stress and minimize the impact of interruptions
• Schedule vacation time in advance
• Create action plans in advance for reaching goals

Sure, there are other apps that can help, but none more powerful than your simple calendar. Time management is best when it’s kept simple and based on timeless principles.

What other timeless principles of time management can you think of?