How being online is a survival skill in today’s job market

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“Introverts, please check on your extrovert friends. They are not okay.”

This quote made me laugh as an introvert. During a recent interview on the “This Morning” talk radio show, I was telling Gordon Deal how I’ve seen the exact opposite play out as the world is thrown into working from home.

Introverts are the ones stressed out! Extroverts are enjoying zoom meetings, video chats, and interacting with people even more than before from home.

On the flip side, I spoke with an introverted friend the other day who feels like she has to smile all day now thanks to virtual meetings.

Regardless of your personality, being on camera and online has become a survival skill in the working world. Try to practice this new skill as often as possible until it becomes comfortable and second nature.

How are you handling the “new normal” of remote work?

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