Why networking is a valuable activity

🗽What I learned from living in New York City (for one month)🗽

My recent visit to New York City over the summer taught me more than I’d expected. My family and I stayed there for a month at an Airbnb, and we learned wonderful lessons. It was a big step out of our comfort zone together to experience the big city life—a huge change from the quiet life of Utah.

One of the most impactful lessons was on a professional level.

I learned that I hadn’t been doing as good of a job with networking as I’d once thought, possibly even not valuing it enough. While in New York, I had the honor of connecting with so many successful and amazing people during my stay, like Dorie Clark and Meny Hoffman, and it hit me:

Making these connections was more rewarding than I ever anticipated, and it’s motivated me to be better and stronger professionally. The value of the motivation derived from networking is incredible and drives us to do more.

That is why I’ve made a commitment to continue striving to network with other colleagues during my travels, and why I strongly encourage you to do the same!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What is the value of networking to you? What have you learned from networking with others?

Many of the people I connected with were LinkedIn Learning authors like myself. You can find my courses, and many others, by visiting DaveCrenshaw.com/learn.

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