Focus on your most valuable activity at the optimal time

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Does the idea of working for one interruption-free hour seem impossible? Passive interruptions, those that are created by others, are a common cause behind why people switchtask.

After all, it’s difficult NOT to attempt switching between tasks when you’re constantly getting interrupted. In your mind, it’s the only way to “get it all done.” Right? Well…may I suggest an alternative way to tackle this issue? I discussed this with Pete Mockaitis during an interview for his popular podcast show, How to Be Awesome at Your Job.

Schedule time for your Most Valuable Activity during a period when you are least likely to be interrupted. Take a moment to think about your day. What time of day tends to be the quietest for you?

For me, it’s first thing in the morning. That’s when I schedule any events or tasks that require my full attention and time. I avoid scheduling anything in my afternoons, so that I can handle interruptions and tackle emails and calls that came in while I was focused.

What time of the day are you able to focus most?

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