Want to reduce mistakes? Add a little patience to your day.

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“I was in such a rush. I didn’t notice the mistake until it was too late.”

We’ve all been there. Rushing through tasks has become a bit of a bad habit in today’s society.

Maybe you responded to an email in a hurry, only to misread it and send a response that was inaccurate or missing answers to important questions. Perhaps you rushed to submit your work, only to realize you left out important information moments too late.

These mistakes cost you more time spent fixing them than if you’d slowed down in the first place. It also causes damage to your reputation that is much harder to repair.

Instead, take a few extra moments to slow down and review your work. Reread an email before hitting send. Review a report one more time before submitting it to your supervisor. Re-read your email reply. Practice patience and you’ll save time AND produce a higher quality of work.

Can you think of the last time you made a mistake out of impatience? What would you do differently next time?


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