Make work meaningful and fulfilling to you

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Do you feel fulfilled at work? If you think fulfillment requires landing your dream job, think again. The secret is simple: make your work meaningful to you…no matter what that work is.

How? By using these three basic elements—values, vision, and victory.

• Your VALUES are what you believe in. Words like honesty, integrity, compassion are all examples of personal values that guide every decision in your life.

• Your VISION is your map of the future. Where do you see yourself five, ten, or even fifteen years from now?

• The last, but not least, piece of the puzzle of fulfillment is the VICTORY. Celebrate your smaller wins on a weekly basis to keep your motivation tank full.

Ask yourself how you can infuse these three elements into your current job.

What ONE action can you do today to make your work more meaningful?


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