How to manage the expectations of others on your team

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How do you manage expectations of those around you? It may sound difficult, yet there’s one question that will help:

“When’s the latest you need this done by?”

It’s hard enough to train yourself to slow down in this fast-paced world. How do you get others around you to do it?

By asking the question above, you force the person to slow down and think about the deadline.

Then, you can dig even deeper with questions like:

1. Do you need the entire project by that date or just part of it?

2. Do you want me to move my other project deadline in order to prioritize this one?

Careful questions will help you both develop conscious deadlines and be more productive together.


Dave shares more ideas for how to slow down and get more done in his LinkedIn Learning course, “How to Slow Down and Be More Productive.” You can find it at

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