Regular one-to-one meetings can reduce interruptions and improve focus

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Are “quick questions” interrupting your focus?

Close your door, mute your phone, and try this instead…

1. Open your calendar.

2. Schedule recurring meetings with individual team members.

3. Train your team to save “quick questions” until these one-to-one meetings.

4. Clarify that true emergencies are acceptable interruptions, while everything else can wait.

That’s the simple overview on how to go from an “Open door (or phone) policy” to an “Open calendar policy.” It will save you HOURS of time each week.

One company I consulted with that adopted this system reported a 30% increase in productivity!

How much time do you think you’d save as a leader by implementing this?

FYI, the full details are in my course on LinkedIn Learning, “Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings.” I’ll share the link in the comments!


You can find Dave’s course, Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings, at on LinkedIn Learning.