How to use humor to build stronger connections through networking

Humor is a universal language.
While in Zurich for a speaking engagement, my wife and I went on a food tour. It’s one of our favorite things to do when traveling! Peter Gaechter, our fantastic food tour guide, shared an incredibly diverse background with us. The phrase, “The Most Interesting Man in The World,” popped in my mind. If he’s not THE man, he’s undoubtedly one of the top 100. He instantly made my wife and I feel at ease and connected to him, as well.
I was so impressed that I asked him to share some advice on networking. Peter has traveled the world, including many parts of Latin America, South America, Africa, and Mexico. He speaks four languages! He’s dabbled in a variety of careers, as well. Throughout the years, as a result, he has picked up exceptional networking skills.
His first tip is using humor as an ice breaker, which is universally appreciated no matter the location. I can certainly relate to that idea! The other bit of advice he offers is showing genuine interest in the other person. Ask questions and listen with intention.
If you’re heading to Switzerland, be sure to look Peter up at He did a fantastic job showing us the beauty and culture of Zurich.
Do you have any tips for networking effectively? Please share it with us!

I enjoy using my international speaking engagements as an opportunity to highlight interesting people in the local area. I also love to sprinkle a little humor into my presentations. It always sets the mood for productive learning. Find out more about hiring me as a speaker at