Productivity Tip: Focus on one active task at a time

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There’s no such thing as a great multitasker. Your focus will always suffer when you try to do multiple active tasks simultaneously.

My first book, “The Myth of Multitasking,” was released in 2008, and was refreshed with a second edition in 2021 from Mango Publishing.

And in both editions I make it clear: our minds are NOT designed to give multiple active tasks our attention simultaneously. We perform at our very best when focusing on one active task at a time.

What’s an “active” task? It’s anything that requires our attention to complete, such as reading an email, writing a project summary, or having a zoom call with a coworker.

You pay a high price when you try to multitask, or “switchtask,” as I like to call it. You make more mistakes, endure higher stress levels, and it takes you longer!

So today, try to focus a little bit more—and switchtask a little bit less.