How to get more energy for improved focus at home

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Do you ever feel drained of energy?

When you feel sluggish and low on energy, focus is the first thing to go. You need that strong focus muscle to remain productive, especially if you’re working from home. That’s why it’s important to take care of your body, both mentally AND physically.

I’ve brought my friend and fitness expert, Coss Marte, back to share another easy exercise you can do anywhere, anytime with NO equipment. Let’s start this new year with a strong mind and body for optimal productivity!

What’s an exercise you like to do that’s work-friendly?

If you missed my last posting sharing another short exercise tip from Coss Marte, allow me to introduce you. He’s the CEO of CONBODY, a phenomenal fitness program based out of New York City. He offers a powerful, online program to keep you healthy and strong. You can learn more about him and follow his program at


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