Leadership Tip: Know how to delegate effectively

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Be specific. Vague instructions kill your team’s productivity! As a manager, you’re not only responsible for managing your own time. You’re also responsible for helping your team manage their time effectively. This is why it’s important to delegate properly.

In fact, being able to delegate effectively will make or break your job as a manager! The good news is I’ve developed an easy, four-step system to become an effective delegator: Why, What, Who, and When.

1. Why: The first step is knowing the motivation behind the task. This gives the person a reason to respect and value it.

2. What: The next step is defining the task and your desired result. Remember: Be specific!

3. Who: Once the first two steps are checked off, you’ll need to assign the task to someone. Choose wisely.

4. When: Finally, and most importantly, you’ll need a clear deadline. Without it, you’ll end up with a disappointing outcome.

As a manager, before you delegate, know your four W’s and communicate them clearly to your team.

Can you offer another tip that helps make delegation effective? I’d love to hear it!



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