Success Tip: Shift from the culture of “now” to a culture of “when”

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Not now, but when. As a society, we’ve become addicted to the culture of “now.” So, what does that mean, and why is that a problem?

We tend to expect results now rather than later. This expectation creates chaos, a switchtasking environment, and a very unhealthy work-life balance. Eventually, you’ll run into the proverbial wall and burn-out.

The solution is transitioning to a culture of “when.” You can accomplish this by communicating expectations upfront so everyone is on the same page.

Here are some easy ways to start:

• Create a consistent, recurring schedule for brief check-ins to answer coworker questions.

• Always include a deadline when delegating a task…or ask for one if someone is delegating to you!

• Have a voicemail greeting or email signature that gives a general idea of when you return messages, rather than “as soon as possible.”

It’s time to replace impatience with clear expectations and productivity!