Why cultivating awareness for different needs boosts productivity

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“How can I increase my team’s productivity when they’re working from home?”

The adjustment of working remotely isn’t just a pain an employee experiences. Managers are feeling frustrated by the change in the environment, too. Often the misconception is that working from home means a lower level of productivity when it’s usually the opposite. Sometimes, we just need to change our approach as leaders to help our team be more efficient.

I’ve asked a fellow LinkedIn Learning instructor, Mike Figliuolo, to come back and share his advice on how to be an effective leader, especially in a remote setting. His course, Leading Effectively, is an excellent source to sharpen your leadership skills!

Mike’s suggestion is based on the idea that you can’t treat every employee the same. Different people require different methods of management for the best results.

Start by cultivating an awareness of what each of your team members need and adjust accordingly.

What advice do you have to share for being an effective leader?

Dave’s courses are on LinkedIn Learning and offer guidance on improving your time management, productivity, focus, and more!

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