Set scheduled times to check your email for ultimate efficiency

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How many times per day do you check your email? Most don’t know a specific number, although they’d agree it’s more than they’d like to admit. Scheduling times to check email is much more efficient!

Why? Well, when you’re addicted to checking your inbox for new emails, you’re always in switchtasking mode. Your focus is continuously interrupted, which reduces your level of productivity. The result? You get LESS done even though you’re working MORE hours.

  • Start by deciding how many email checks per day is appropriate based on your role and company. You may want to discuss this with a supervisor if you’re part of a team.
  • Then, schedule those times in your calendar.
  • Finally, communicate this expectation with others on your team (or with your best customers).

Remember, this is just checking to see if there are any emails that need an immediate response.

All the other, non-urgent emails can wait until your next processing time, per my LinkedIn Learning Time Management Fundamentals course.

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