Show someone you care by giving them your FULL attention

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Can I get your full attention? When someone asks this, they’re really asking you to stop multitasking on them. After all, if you truly cared about them or what they’re saying, you wouldn’t ignore them. Right?

Sadly, multitasking—or switchtasking—on another human is far too common these days.

Have you ever had someone stare at their phone, tapping away on the screen, while “listening” to you? How did that make you feel?

Now for the tougher question. How many times have YOU been the one switchtasking on a person who’s talking to you?

I get it. I literally wrote the book on this, but I still do it, too sometimes.

Let’s make an effort to do better. People DESERVE our full attention. They need to know we care, and that requires us to be fully focused on them.


Dave’s book, The Myth of Multitasking, explains how multitasking is a myth and is damaging to your productivity AND relationships. Learn more and order your copy at

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