Why creating boundaries will give you more freedom

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Working from home has its ups…and downs. The main culprit behind the rollercoaster ride: Freedom. The solution is simple: create boundaries and stick to them.

The freedom you get from working remotely is both empowering and challenging.

I’ve worked from my home office for over 20 years now. I’ve also coached numerous leaders and employees in the same setting.

Boundaries are rules YOU set based on YOUR needs. It may take some trial and error to determine the best system. That’s perfectly normal, so don’t give up!

Once you have your remote system in place, you’ll be more productive and can enjoy the freedom in peace.

What’s one boundary that will make working from home more productive for you?

Dave shares his system for working remotely in his LinkedIn Learning course, Time Management: Working from Home, at davecrenshaw.com/home. It’s a great place to start creating your own time management system from home!

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