How filing bankruptcy helps you deal with email overload

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Is it time to file for bankruptcy? I’m talking about a special kind of bankruptcy that has helped my clients with one issue: Email.

Do you cringe at the thought of your own inbox?

Thousands of requests for your attention can pile higher than the Empire State Building.

Maybe the phrase “buried alive” even comes to mind.

If this sounds familiar, I recommend filing reasonable and responsible bankruptcy…with your email inbox.

What does that mean? Well, you pick a practical date in the past, maybe 60 days ago, and declare any emails older than that time obsolete.

But don’t delete them. Archive them. This puts old emails out of sight, yet still within reach if you ever need one.

Then tackle your inbox using my LinkedIn Learning course below. You’ll be better equipped to respond to everything that still matters, while not placing unrealistic expectations on yourself.

What do you think: is it time to declare email bankruptcy?


Even if your email inbox isn’t overflowing, having a productive system in place will save you hours of time and stress. Schedule a time to take control with Dave’s course, Productivity Tips: Taking Control of Email, at on LinkedIn Learning.

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