About Entrepreneurship: Feed Your Optimism

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Take a moment and brainstorm characteristics that accomplished entrepreneurs share. Thinking something like resolve, initiative, open-mindedness, charisma, or a similar attribute? Right…but incomplete.

From shaking hands to hitting the books, success has many paths and many milestones. Different attributes obviously help guide direction. But what keeps you walking, exploring, and seeking new opportunities? Optimism!

A positive outlook is essential fuel for any entrepreneur or business person. It not only keeps you empowered, but happy. Employees, colleagues, and customers alike can sense that, and their confidence grows with your own. So how do you harness and maintain optimism? Watch my short video and find out!

Action Steps:

  1. Keep optimistic by being judicious about negative media, people, and news.
  2. Recognize that optimism is about opportunity and outlook, not blind flattery or agreeableness.
  3. Leave a comment to tell us your ideas about entrepreneurship and optimism.


  1. Staying upbeat about entrepreneurship or business opportunities is essential for success.
  2. Pragmatism isn’t equivalent to pessimism.
  3. Optimism is affected by the environment and vice versa.

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