See You in August!

Greetings, Chaos-Crusher! You may be wondering where the video is this week. Well, don’t adjust your screen resolution or delete your cookies! This July, my team and I will be far too busy investing in Ray-Bans and SPF 50 for our month-long “strategy session.” Don’t fret. We’ll be back in August! While I’m gone, you … Continue reading “See You in August!”

How “Cooler Heads” Extinguish “Heated” Workplace Conflict

…The following is a public service announcement… The workplace. When managed correctly, it’s a lush campground for collaboration, career building, and high fives. But, take caution! Adding more campers means greater susceptibility to out-of-control fires known as “workplace conflict.” Only you can prevent them! A little workplace conflict is normal and healthy, like a control … Continue reading “How “Cooler Heads” Extinguish “Heated” Workplace Conflict”